Start your Biodesign Creation with BeachLagoons


At BeachLagoons, we are deeply committed to maintaining transparency in our pricing structure. We aim to ensure that all of our clients have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the costs, fostering an environment of trust and openness. We believe this approach is beneficial not only for our clients but also for the integrity of our business practices.


Our quartz sand lagoons start at $75,000 for a 300 sqft lagoon. This price includes:

  • Quartz sand beach entry & tanning shelf
  • UV & O3 ozone sanitation for a clean and clear, low chemical lagoon
  • Salt system (but very minimal use due to UV and ozone)
  • Pool automation
  • Top-of-the-line energy-efficient pump and filter
  • Skimmers & returns
  • Energy efficient heater (*with the option of adding waste-heat re-use from home A/C to heat your pool)
  • Color-changing LED lighting
  • Massage seating, hydrotherapy jets, and bubblers
  • Excavation, engineering, and permitting

This price does not include pavers, screen enclosures, or other additional items. The selection of these design choices is very personal and unique, with pricing that can vary greatly.

A detailed estimate will be done for each quote based on each unique client site.

Additional options are available to add to your BeachLagoon at an additional cost.